Domination on Land by Right Force
at Right Place and Right time by
Superior Awareness, Command, Control and FirePower

Four Dimentional Domination of Maritime Space by Awareness,
Command and Control and FirePower

Air Superiority by Situational Awareness, Reach,
Slealth, Command and Control and FirePower.

About us

MILAERO Solutions Private Limited is an Indian company specializing in Military and Aerospace solutions for Government organisations. The company consists of selected domain expert ex-Servicemen from the respective fields. Due to its domain expertise in almost all requirements of the Military, Aerospace and Homeland security sectors, MAS is able to comprehend the exact requirements from the tender documents and configure an optimal solution meeting all specifications, at the lowest cost for maximizing the probability of being the lowest priced, completely compliant bid. MAS does not manufacture any subsystem but selects appropriate subsystems from worldwide OEMs and integrates them into the system or solution desired by the Government departments, mainly Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Aviation. MAS designs its own interfaces and develops its own integrating software.
MAS also provides services to worldwide suppliers to compete in large Governmental Contracts, with precise information of domestic procedures, partners, pricing etc. Furthermore, MAS helps International OEMs in warranty and contract maintenance of their systems supplied to Indian entities. Use of ex-servicemen, with previous domain and procedural knowledge, as well as use of low cost support infrastructure, makes MAS extremely attractive for this purpose. MAS has already developed some products for these Government departments. MAS also proposes to market these products worldwide as well as to provide such marketing services to other Indian companies for their proven products in the fields.
Domain Expertise
MAS has domain experts which makes MAS to configure an optimal solution meeting all specifications of client
Driven by Technology
MAS designs its own interfaces and develops its own integrating software’s
Client Focus
Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure growth and success of our clients
Government Purchase Procedures Experts
Writing flawless proposals and obtaining best results from negotiations for the client is their forte

Our Products

MAS is a systems integrator, which can piece together subsystems from various OEMs to put together total solutions for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guards, BSF, Police and other Para Military Services.

Technology partners for special combat operations

Our Services

MAS is in unique position to comprehend Defence technologies available with Indian and Foreign companies and cross match complementing capabilities to select partners to meet the technological, marketing, financing, management of proposals being offered to Government
The Defence Procurement Procedures (DPP) allows only Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)/Authorised Vendors/ Govt Sponsored Export Agencies (applicable in the case of countries where domestic laws do not permit direct export by OEMs) to receive RFPs and respond to them.
MAS has a countrywide network of support services for warranty support and maintenance contracts. MAS uses ex-servicemen who are extremely disciplined and well organised to perform the tasks with minimal support infrastructure, reducing costs.

Brigadier Subhash Chandra Sharma

MILAERO Solutions is promoted by Brigadier Subhash Chandra Sharma, an Army, Corps of Signals, technology enthusiast who not only pioneered Communications Technology, but in addition, Technologies related to Electromagnetics, Electronic Warfare, Air Defence, Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Infantry Combat Vehicles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Shielded Containers, Command & Control Systems and Simulators. Brig Sharma is a one man Combat Technologies specialist who can cross use technologies for optimum effects.
Brig Sharma has had numerous tenures in the Army related to Defence Procurements, Field Evaluations Trials, preparation of General Services Qualitative Requirements (GSQR), Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Technical Evaluations Committees (TECs), Field evaluation Trials (FETs) and Contract Negotiation Committees (CNC).

After premature retirement from the Army, Brig Sharma been part of Defence Industry for over 12 years starting as COO, then CEO, President, Executive Director and finally strategic Advisor. During this period Brig Sharma has dealt with numerous foreign and Indian companies engaged in manufacture of Defence products and who have developed related technologies.
He understands the capabilities of Indian companies to absorb critical technologies as well as to commit funds. Therefore, he is in unique position help foreign and Indian companies to find appropriate partners for participating in Defence projects and provision of after sales and maintenance services. Having been on both sides of the fence, Brig Sharma is in unique position to influence GSQR by appropriately responding to RFI, understanding RFPs to match products, covering the gaps for full compliance, planning FETs for unambiguous compliance proving and finally negotiating to obtain good price from buyers.

What do we do

Our Work

Defence, Aerospace and Homeland Security spheres face unprecedented challenges to meet the ever growing and emerging technological threats. The three spheres have immense technological over lap and therefore need synergic development. Also, these technological developments will need reorientation of strategic and operational processes and doctrines. Further, these will need ratification by simulation studies and training, often by simulators.

MILAERO SOLUTIONS is an effort by a pioneer in Defence technologies, communications, electronic warfare, simulations, command and systems and counter insurgency to integrate technological developments into military, aerospace and homeland security solutions.


MILAERO solutions in Military, Aerospace electronics hardware and software, simulation, product development, test solutions, obsolescence management and system integration uniquely position it as a core Defence, Aerospace and Homeland Security partner. MILAERO will build on existing relationships of the management team with various global OEM’s to successfully established strategic partnerships for executing Indian Government projects and taking Indian strategic technologies to friendly countries to build economy of scale and need for continuous upgradation.

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