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MAS is a systems integrator, which can piece together subsystems from various OEMs to put together total solutions for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guards, BSF, Police and other Para Military Services.

81 MM Mortar Simulator

The 81 mm Mortar Simulator is a computer based system designed to replicate immersive real field
experience for Mortar Fire Controllers and Mortar Firing Crew. Basic as well as advanced training to
the MFC and Mortar Crew in the selection, prioritizing and engagement of targets can be achieved in
a classroom environment. The simulator provides a very well structured learning environment, where
the trainee progresses according to his capability where the environment can be controlled under the
tutelage of an instructor. The training objectives are achievable without the lessons being disrupted by
the vagaries of weather, availability of ammunition and availability.

Air Defence Training Simulator

Axis Aerospace & Technologies’ Air Defence Training Simulator (ADTS) simulates numerous Air
Defence radars; digital terrain based war like operational air situations with realistic emitters and
platform characteristics and automatically generates relevant radar pick-ups to train operators in
battlefield EW environment.

Aircraft Recognition Trainer (ACRT)

In military scenarios, the need to identify aircraft is stringent as any erroneous identification can result in
fratricide. Aircraft recognition is a visual skill taught to military personnel and civilian auxiliaries since the
introduction of military aircraft in World War I.

Bird Detection and Monitoring Radar System (BDMRS)

Birds are a menace to aircraft takeoffs and landings. BDMRS is to prevent Bird Airstrike Hazards (BASH).
The system also helps in habitat assessment and deriving trends and patterns of avian activity to assess

risks to flying. This information helps in instituting permanent anti-BASH measures.

Unified Scenario Visualization and Analysis Tool (USVAT)

MilAero offers a unified scenario visualization tool for visualization of Battle Space Entities in 2D Map View,
3D Terrain View and Tabular View. USVAT was successfully integrated in the ALOFT (Algorithms for
Location Fixing and Triangulations) program of DLRL to visualize various surface and airborne emitter
positions/tracks picked up by their ground based Passive Sensor Network in real time.

Smart Neutraliser of Remote-Controlled Devices (SNORD)

Remote controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIED) are instruments used by terrorists to destroy
selective targets by exploding them remotely when the target is over them. RCIEDs use radio or mobile
communications to transmit a code that detonates the device.

Voice Recognition and Analysis System

VRAS is Windows OS based solution consisting of a server that hosts the speech processing algorithms.
The system architecture allows parallel access to the voice processing algorithms. System users are able to access voice recognition and analysis functionality using their laptop computers.

Counter Terrorism Training Simulator (CTTS)

Milaero offers a multiplayer networked ‘Counter Terrorism Training Simulator’ to aid security forces in planning Counter Terrorism operations. Players can use the tool to conduct realistic training sessions of operations in a Counter Terrorism (CT) / Counter Insurgency (CI) scenario comprising of security forces and terrorists. Major sub-systems are summarized in this brochure


MILAERO solutions in Military, Aerospace electronics hardware and software, simulation, product development, test solutions, obsolescence management and system integration uniquely position it as a core Defence, Aerospace and Homeland Security partner. MILAERO will build on existing relationships of the management team with various global OEM’s to successfully established strategic partnerships for executing Indian Government projects and taking Indian strategic technologies to friendly countries to build economy of scale and need for continuous upgradation.

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